About Us

Brother Vincent Selva Kumaar was born in an ordinary Christian family. After the demise of his mother, he was exposed to the harsh realities of his life at a young age. During his college days he was addicted to not only to drugs but also for smoking. Added to this, he was also an atheist.

He was an orator and a skilled artist and versatile in current affairs of politics and joined organizations and political parties that disapprove religion and believes in non-existence of God. Once, he was forced by his friends from the political front who intended to bring disrepute to a prayer meeting that was conducted at his home town. And there began the reformation in the life of our dear brother. The Lord miraculously touched him and redeemed him. Even before he could be saved, his spiritual eyes were opened and from there on, brother’s experiences into the spiritual realms have crossed all the barriers of Christian faith.

After having completed over three decades of full time ministry, the Lord God called and made a covenant. The Lord commanded Brother Vincent Selva Kumaar to abandon all his ministerial and other worldly responsibilities. The Lord wanted the full time of brother to be dedicated to hear the end time revelations and other hidden mysteries and secrets. As a mark of allegiance to the commandment of God, he left all his ministry and other meetings and abstained from almost every worldly responsibility. He started to wait in the presence of God. As a result of this the Lord started to reveal the end time prophetical and spiritual truths. Brothers’ calling is almost akin to the Old Testament prophets, who had a close walk with the Lord in its highest intimacy and unity with the spirit.

As such Brother Vincent Selva Kumaar has been bestowed with one of the coveted gift of end time prophetical revelations. Brother, has been considered as a prophet whose vast and rich spiritual encounters and visions has attracted millions of Christians and non Christians too. Brother’s messages and biblical interpretations carry an in-depth analysis and calls for self introspection and reformation among the Christian populace.

Of late, the Lord is sharing all the things concerning the Second coming and the natural calamities, disasters and destruction which mark the beginning of the end of the world and the preparation of a New heaven and New Earth.