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Velipaduthina Visesha Seithikal


Kaalathai Kadanthu Vaa..


Jebikkalaam Vaanga..


Mudivukku Munn...

We have no doubt in our minds that the climax which occur before the end of either a Play or a Cinema or a real life event will be a nail bitter and also contains the most astonishing moments in the entire Play.
Even this world has an end to it and the climactic events which occur before its end is not only a nail bitter but it also contains dangers and disasters.

This book was written with the sole intent to create an awareness in the hearts and minds of people by recording the End Time events and their background preparations. But one might question: What is the use to be aware about these facts, if the world is coming to an End? This book answers provides us with the explanation that: even though it says the End of this world, it is not a complete period in time-space wherein everything vanishes; rather it is just a transformation from one stage to another and rather it is an end to our own desired ways of life.

Vedhagam Thunukku Cheithigal (Part 2)

Is it difficult to understand the Bible? Definitely not!

When we learn the hidden events and the background occurrences, we can clearly understand the Bible and discern the Proverbs penned in them.
Many things such as: History, Science, Culture, Archeological discoveries etc. substantiate the reliability of the Bible. The book contains fragmented pieces of information written with the sole purpose of understanding Biblical information with the help of these reliable facts.
We are glad to inform that these fragmented pieces will help you to increase your Bible knowledge and transform your Bible study time more meaningful.

Jolly Home (Part 2)


Jolly Home (Part 1)


Kadaisikala Aabathukal

The last days of this world are dangerous!

Many catastrophic events which are going to affect the entire human race in these last days are arrayed to be fulfilled one after another. These dangers which were foretold in the Bible many thousands of years ago are being fulfilled in front of our own eyes on a global scale.
This Book clearly depicts about these global disasters, the scientific explanation of their fulfillment and the way of escape based on Bible. Thus helping you to be aware about these End Time facts and prepare yourselves for the Second Coming of The Lord.

Thallupadiagama Kathaikal

There are many more facts of History and incidents which are not recorded in the Bible yet relevant to the Bible or which are reliable on the Bible.

When our forefathers arranged the Scriptures in their order, they have detached these materials as unwanted to be added. And such detached materials of the Bible as known as: Apocrypha or Deuterocanonical.
Even though many from the previous generation Christianity was aware about this, it is completely new to the contemporary Christianity.

Thus, we have compiled some beneficial events in the form of stories in this Book which will be helpful to the contemporary Christian world, making them familiar with the Apocrypha / Deuterocanonical.

Vedhagama Jathikal

The lives of our forefathers are a lesson unto us today!

Yea, it is always true that History is an education for mankind. More importantly, the History which are penned in the Bible are a must know lessons for any human being.
This Book is a compilation of some of the Historical events of the tribes which are recorded in the Bible. And they are valuable lessons to be known and learnt for the people of the contemporary world!

Pirasanga Peedam


Aazhangal Sollum Satchigal (Part 2)

It is an easy task to prove that the Bible is true! The reason being that there are many things around us that substantiate the proof of the Bible and its truthfulness.

In this Book, the body that stands as a proof for the Bible are the depths of the earth: for awaiting here are Buried cities and things; waiting to prove the reliability of the Bible unto everyone; because we know that truths cannot be buried.

Echarikkai Cheithigal


Vedhagama Thunukku Seithikal (Part 1)

Is the Bible reliable? This Book says that it is!

There are many things such as: History, Science, Culture and Archaeological discoveries which substantiate the reliability of the Bible.
This Book was written with the sole purpose to show the Bible in a totally new dimension by fragmenting the above events and placing them in your hands.

Aazhangal Sollum Satchigal (Part 1)

The substantiation of fact that the Bible is true is in everything!

This Book speaks about the archaeological discoveries of Biblical cities, events, people, things etc.
When we read the Bible with the light of such proofs and discoveries, we get a clearer picture that the Bible cannot be a story of fiction but an undeniable truth.