Conferences - Metagoshin

In the Metagoshin Prophetic Conference held in Ramnad, India on Oct. 7-10, God said through prophets Sadhu Selvaraj, Vincent Selvakumar and Robert Misst that 2011 IS A MARKER, TURNING POINT YEAR pointing towards the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus. A turning over, upturning of old foundations to new ones, a massive shift from one dimension to the final and last dispensation has happened in the heavens and on earth on this Metagoshin Day, October 10, 2011. We have officially entered into God’s New Season, the Final Dispensation for the End-times. The history of the world will change. This is a YEAR OF DEMARCATION that will set the pace for the next few years before the Lord returns. It is an amazing and strategic time to be alive!

"METAGO" means Turning Point or Change of a New Page "SHIN" in Hebrew means GOD of Trinity.

METAGOSHIN Turning Point or Change of a New Page by God. ON EARTH AS IT IS HEAVEN.

In this Final Dispensation, God wants to raise us up as PROPHETIC PEOPLE, TIME CHANGERS who will bring the people from the past dimension to this last and final dimension, enduring all persecutions, willing to pay the price and lay down our lives to fulfill God’s purposes in these End-times. Ministers and ministries will be ushered into a new dimension the world and the heavens have never seen before. God’s committed PROPHETIC PEOPLE will begin to fly their wings like eagles, roar like lions as they prophesy for the Lord. We must get ready for this, the Lord said. We will see the great wonders of God in these days. God will give His committed people tremendous authority to bind and let loose the heavens. The words that will go out of our mouths will be full of authority. We will give commands to nature, to clouds, to roaring waves, stand against tsunamis that will come, and God will honor our words. The Lord Jesus will BREATHE His breath into these committed people and they will become ONE then with the Lord.

The Lord started with 12 disciples which grew to 500. But when His messages became harder, the number dwindled to 70 and when the 70 were rebuked by the Lord, they were offended and the number went back to 12. Among the 12, there were 3 who were very close to the Lord, but in the end two left Him and only one was left. “Many are called, but few are chosen,” because only a few are willing to pay the price in following the Lord; many were there just for some benefits.

Three things will simultaneously take place all over the world in this New Season of God (Mal. 4):

  1. That Day will burn like oven – judgments of God all over the world; every nation, person, minister, church will stand before God and give account even in their sleep;
  2. The Sun of Righteousness will arise with healings in His wings – God will empower His people that the world has never seen before; we will go out as MIGHTY WARRIORS because our King is a Warrior King, not accept defeat anymore, bold; no bullet can harm us; 7 Spirits of God will be poured upon us; no one can stand against us. God also needs MARTYRS in these last days;
  3. Vs. 4, 5 ‘Remember Moses, I will send Elijah’ – Your eyes will see the Two Witnesses of Revelation in these days; hidden scrolls will be recovered for the teaching of His people; pure temple WORSHIP will be restored; restoration of God’s power upon the church.

While glorious things are happening (Revival, Harvest), terrible things will take place also (Joel 2) – earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, famines, new deadly diseases, volcanic eruptions, mighty twisters, etc. As we abide in the Secret Place of the Most High in prayer, worship, total dependence on Him and doing His mandate for our life, God will protect us. We must BE PREPARED TO MEET THE LORD.


  1. We must have a new vision of the Lord riding on a white horse with crown in His head (as our Mighty man of War); must be prepared for great battle, shakings;
  2. We must have an understanding of our role as the Bride of Christ, a pure and holy Bride, a helpmate, WARRIOR BRIDE of Christ; our job as bride is warfare;
  3. Grow in DEEP INTIMACY WITH THE LORD, to be ONE with Him in knowing Him, the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings; not lukewarm but committed 100% to Him;
  4. We must learn to live in the PROPHETIC ZONE;
  5. We must prepare to move and work in the SUPERNATURAL REALM as servants of the Lord. Heaven is coming nearer and about to kiss and be one with the earth.

The Lord commands us to GET OUT OF BABYLON (the world system, money, worldly mindsets); it is already falling. May we set our hearts and seek first the kingdom of God and be MARKED and OFFICIALLY APPOINTED BY GOD as we volunteer to be part of His mighty Army that He will use in these End-times to gather the Harvest, manifest His glory and prepare the way for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ as His pure, holy, spotless Bride.