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Light of Prophecy 

Light of Pro_Uncle
Light of Pro_Jams
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At a time, when the nation and the universe is facing uncertainty and anxiety – economically and psychologically – and a certain untold fear has gripped the people, especially in the nation of India, the Lord provided us a way to comfort and assure His people, through a brand new talk show, titled the Light of Prophecy. 
When the people expected return of favourable circumstances, it turned out to be rather contradictory. It was during this time, when darkness and fear is looming large on the people, the Lord revealed the truths behind the events and means to overcome and remain steadfast. 
This program has now become the heart and throb of thousands around the globe and in all continents. Especially the children of God have learnt the importance of prophecy and have started to pray and spread the light, which is the prophetical words of God. We hope this will truly act as a light and chase us the darkness away.

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