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Yean, Yedarkku, Yeppadi

Bor James

Dear brothers and sisters, 
Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!!
With a grateful heart and an immense joy, I wish to inform you that it is on this day of the year 2018, that we started an altogether a new talk show titled, Yean, Yedarkku, Yeppadi in Tamil. 
What is relay surprising is that I never expected that this simple talk show, which was intended to create an awareness among the believers and the people of God, could garner such large number of viewership.     
The regular feedbacks, live comments and opinions shared through email, encourages to strive and excel further. We thank the Lord for raising up prayer warriors and patrons, who are a great source of inspiration to us. Do remember us in your prayer and inform about the talk shows to your friends and relatives.

Remain blessed 
Sincerely yours

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